Smart is a multi-level course for learners of English from Elementary through Intermediate levels. It aims to provide a balanced development of all four skills with extensive practice. It helps students improve their active vocabulary with its varied up-to-date topics in themed units. It has a syllabus that teaches grammar implicitly, having no direct reference to grammar throughout the units of the Student’s Book.

Key Features
* Full compatibility with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
* A well-organised and extensive syllabus suitable for the 9th grade programme of the Ministry of National Education
* Realistic dialogues with a focus on communication in real-world settings
* A variety of speaking tasks that help students become effective communicators

* Carefully designed reading and listening texts of appropriate difficulty and length
* A wide range of writing tasks that enrich and enhance the learning experience
* An emphasis on recycling in every unit, including Let’s Remember at the beginning of each section
* Grammar Reference, Glossary, and Audio Scripts at the back of the Student’s Book