* Tom Sawyer is a nice kid, but he is very naughty. He lives with his aunt Polly and his brother, Sid, in a town near the Mississippi River. He always finds himself in trouble. One day, Tom runs away from home to become a pirate with his friend Huck Finn. Amazing adventures are waiting for them.

ISBN 978-605-71261-1-5

* It is a time when people hunt whales. But one white whale becomes famous because no one can catch it. Ishmael goes on a hunting trip on the ship Pequod with some strange men, and he tells us about the adventures they have when they try to hunt the famous white whale called Moby Dick.

ISBN 978-605-71261-7-7

* White Fang is a wolf but he doesn’t live in the wild. He is a lovely wolf. He lives with young Weedon Scott and his family. The people of the town say he’s dangerous. They want to kill him! Young Weedon tries to save his friend, and many adventures and dangers wait for them.

ISBN 978-605-71264-1-2

* Black Beauty is a beautiful, strong and smart horse. He is born in a farm with good masters. He has a good mother and a good environment. But when his master’s wife gets sick, they sell the horses. Black Beauty’s adventures begin there and then.

ISBN 978-605-71261-3-9