* The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Well, that is the official name of the UK! If you think you know everything about the UK, think again, and explore this book to see what you’re missing.

ISBN 978-605-73733-7-3

* Everybody knows what a mountain is. But what about how they form, what kinds of people, animals and plants live there, and what is a mountain range? You can find out interesting facts about the heights of our nature, and get fascinated by what they offer. And it is not just the amazing views from high above!

ISBN 978-625-8412-00-0

* Have you ever tried rock climbing or any other outdoor sports? Are you a nature lover? Rock climbing is both an exciting sport and a wonderful way to enjoy nature. If you’re interested in it, you should definitely read this as a guide before you try rock climbing yourself. Let’s explore all about this wonderful sport!

ISBN 978-605-73733-8-0

* We cannot see everything around us. There are very small things in the world, and they can be good or bad for us. Viruses are also very small, and we cannot see them without a microscope. They make us sick when they get into our bodies. Let’s explore viruses and how we can protect ourselves from them!

ISBN 978-605-73733-6-6

* Nobody likes seeing dirty water or soil, thick grey weather, or hearing disturbing noises all the time. But what are they doing to stop these? What are you doing to stop pollution? It is certainly something we can stop if we work together. Let’s explore one of our worst enemies, and find out how we can stop it!

ISBN 978-605-73733-9-7

* There are enormous buildings or other structures around us, and people make them for different purposes. Some of these buildings are quite interesting, and they have amazing characteristics. If you are interested in the buildings around you, you should definitely explore this book!

ISBN 978-625-8412-02-4

* Vikings were strong, powerful people from Scandinavia. They were very good fighters. They loved discovering new places, but they were not always good to the people there. They explored new areas for agriculture and to live in. Let’s explore what else they did and how they lived!

ISBN 978-625-8412-01-7