* Brazil is a very large country in South America. The people are friendly and cheerful. They love strangers, but let’s explore the wonderful culture of Brazil, and not be a stranger.

ISBN 978-605-71264-9-8

* Do you know that not all deserts are hot? There are also cold and frozen deserts around the world, and Antarctica is one of them! There are a lot of interesting plants and animals that can survive in deserts. Let’s explore the hardest habitats of our planet!

ISBN 978-605-73733-0-4

* Winter sports are lots of fun, but how much do you know about them? Ice-skating, snowboarding, sledding, and skiing are very popular winter sports. But there are other interesting sports, too. Let’s explore the white world, and its wonders!

ISBN 978-605-73733-1-1

* We are humans, and we all have the same body. It is kind of a machine with many parts. There are tissues, organs, and systems that make up our body. There are a lot of things to explore about our body, so let’s start right now!

ISBN 978-605-73733-2-8

* Do you know that the Sun is a star? It is so bright and close that it brings light to our world. We can’t see any other star when it is around. Do you think Moon is also a star? Well, it is not! It is the Earth’s satellite, and always follows it. Let’s explore everything about them!

ISBN 978-605-73733-3-5

* Technology and inventions usually make our lives easier. And humans started inventing very early in history, as early as 2 million years ago! Can you imagine how many inventions there are to learn about? We should start now!

ISBN 978-605-73733-4-2

* The Maya, or Mayan, people lived in today’s Mexico and Central America between 1800 BCE and 1600 CE. Can you imagine how they lived? Their homes, food, animals, traditions, religions, and festivals… There are so many things to learn about them. Let’s start here!

ISBN 978-605-73733-5-9