* It is 1897. The year when the gold rush starts. It is not a very good time for the big dogs. Buck had a comfortable life as a pet, but they threw him into the chaos. He does not know anything about the wild but he learns quickly. Is he going to be happy in the end?

ISBN 978-605-71261-0-8

* Victor Frankenstein is the first-born child of his family and his parents love him. He loves reading and learning new things as a child. When he loses his mother, he starts thinking about life and death. He thinks about giving life himself. He does that, but he cannot take its responsibility or take care of it.

ISBN 978-605-71261-4-6

* Oliver Twist is a thin orphan who has to live in hard conditions. People treat him badly most of the time. He is blamed for things he did not do. He runs away from his miserable life to be happy, and wants to go to London. Oliver doesn’t know that there is more pain as well as happiness in his future.

ISBN 978-605-71261-6-0

* The Time Traveller is a scientist who builds a time machine and travels to the future where he meets the new species of humans: the Eloi, who are weak and not as smart as today’s humans, and the Morlocks, who live underground and prey on the Eloi.

ISBN 978-605-71264-0-5